Summer 2013 – Week 3 – Ewhurst Surrey

Saturday 29th June 2013

On the road again for a gentle drive up to Dieppe. We have used this port before and it is all a bit more relaxed than the major ports. We pulled up on a little road at the side of the port buildings and watched the tide go out as we had something to eat. We had spotted a geocache only 200 metres away but we knew it was not quit that easy. We walked into the town, then up onto the clifftops to a small chapel, the spire of which we could see from the van. In total probably well over a kilometre but our exercise for the day. Jo found the cache.

After the last ferry of the day had left at about 20:00 we drove into the car park with a plan to settle in for the night. There were a few other vans with similar thoughts. Alarm set for 4am we got our heads down.

Sunday 30th June 2013

Awoken at 03:40 by engines being started we leapt out of bed, got dressed and joined the queue. Another two hours before we were due to sail so a leisurely breakfast. On board and the sea was like a millpond. Jo pulled a couple of chairs together and fell asleep. The chairs are supposed to prevent people sleeping on them but that did not deter Jo. Next time we must bring a pillow from the van. We had a bit more to eat and disembarked heading for Sarah’s in Surrey.

Monday 1st July to Saturday 6th July.

Jo always visits her cousin in the summer. They have been spending summers together since they were kids with occasional gaps in between for world tours, wwoffing etc and Jo always gets a warm welcome and it is a good chance to catch up on things, emails, blog and to meet some old friends and her cousin’s children and for me to catch up with Sue’s son Steven and his new daughter Francesca Sue.

We had lunch out in Leatherhead with Graham, (Jo’s friend) thank you Graham, Supper at David (Jo’s cousin once removed and godson) and Natasha’s new house, thank you both and met Steven, Maria and Francesca Sue for a coffee in Redhill whilst on their way to the nearby hospital for a check up.

We shopped in supermarkets and bought goodies we cannot find in Spain and food to eat. We had the loan of a Mercedes Benz which made shopping a lot easier even if I couldn’t lock the doors. Thank you Sarah. We swam in Sarah’s ocean sized swimming pool. Sarah and daughter, Alice, left on Wednesday in their campervan/horsebox to a three day event near Marlborough so we had the whole house to ourselves.

Tomorrow we visit my brother John in Lymington and get on the ferry for a few days in the Isle of Wight calling on Jo’s brother near Yarmouth.


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